Claude the Tasmanian Giant Crab weighs a mighty 15lbs and measure 15 inces wide - when he is fully grwon he will weigh a whopping 30lbs and gain an extra three inches.


The male tufted deer has protruding canine teeth used in fighting during mating season and territorial disputes.

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“Women are always murdered and maimed, and they’re never given their rightful place as lead characters! And I think [creator Michael Hirst] has just written what should have been written a long time ago. There shouldn’t be anything that different about Vikings, but there is, because there’ve just been so many shows that have not stepped up to the plate and given female actors and female characters equal footing.” - Clive Standen (x)


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Before the terrible storm by DSFCA


Before the terrible storm by DSFCA




nature is rad

Freaking amazing photography!

That last one begs for a Pixar movie to be made about those two.

Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it.

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